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Rent your moving truck in the same place you’re storing the most convenient rental experience!

U-Haul Advantages

At Integrity Storage, we only offer the best! U-Haul is the best option when it comes to rental moving trucks

Easy Loading & Unloading

U-Haul trucks are designed for your move. With the stable EZ Load Ramp, low loading decks, and large openings, no one makes a more convenient moving truck than U-Haul.

Moving in Comfort

U-Hauls are the most comfortable option for your move! Our trucks have a quiet, easy-ride cab to shield you from road noise. The 15’ and larger trucks have independent seating for three, including seat belts. Cargo vans and 10’ trucks have room and seat belts for two.

Built to Move

Our moving trucks have a set of features to keep your belongings safe during the move. Three interior walls are protected by rub rails, so there’s less change of denting or tearing any item. We’ve also got dedicated space for fragile items!

Clean & Efficient

All U-Haul trucks use unleaded fuel, which is better for the environment than diesel (and usually easier on your wallet!) Our trucks are built for fuel efficiency, too, so filling up isn’t a problem.

Need a U-Haul Truck?

Rent at one of our following Authorized U-Haul Dealers. Have questions? Contact our friendly team with any questions you may have.

Rent a U-Haul

Move efficiently by renting a truck with Integrity Storage.

Integrity Storage is a licensed U-Haul dealer, so we can hook you up with the perfect rental truck for your move! We carry a wide range of trucks so you can get the space you need without paying for extra.

Our team of storage experts can help you choose the right truck if you’re not sure which one will fit. U-Haul trucks are designed for novice truck drivers too, so they’re easy to maneuver and responsive, even if you don’t normally drive something of that size.

U-Haul trucks are the best choice in the industry because they’re built for residential and small business moves!

These vehicles come with gentle ride suspension, high visibility mirrors, and a host of other safety features to ensure you make it to the end of your move without incident.  Get started renting a quality U-Haul with Integrity Storage today!

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